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punching aluminum ceiling

punching aluminum ceiling

Aluminum alloy piercing plate aluminum alloy piercing plate is made of various aluminum alloy plates through mechanical perforation. According to the need of the hole, there are round hole, square hole, long round hole, rectangular hole, triangular hole, three groups of holes and so on. This is a noise-reducing and decorative product.

 Application of aluminum alloy piercing plate: a
luminum alloy pierced plate is light, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, decorative effect is good, and easy to assemble, can be used in hotels, hotels, cinemas, broadcast rooms and other public buildings and high-grade civil buildings to improve sound quality conditions, but also can be used in all kinds of workshop buildings, civil air defense basement and so on as noise reduction measures.

Aluminum alloy punching plate characteristics.
1, easy to process and molding.
2, can spray paint or polishing.
3, easy to install.
4, all kinds of thickness of plate.
 5, good sound absorption effect.
6, a variety of choice of aperture.

 arrangement of aluminum alloy punch plate for building object ceiling wall, filter plate, hole plate. Building balcony decoration orifice board, punching decoration board, punching board. Protective cover plate, punching net, round hole plate of mechanical equipment. Shopping mall decoration exhibition table shelf net decoration orifice board, porous board, piercing board. Environmental protection noise control barrier for sound absorption board, sound insulation board, sound absorption board.

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