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Crocodile mouth skid board

Crocodile mouth skid board

The highway sound barrier is characterized:

1: combined design, flexible and convenient installation and disassembly,
2, straight flat road sound barrier, and the whole shape is straight, and the upper sound-absorbing plate is in an isolated shape, so that the sound passing through the upper part of the screen body can be more effectively controlled, the middle part is a continuous frame structure as a main body;
3, the arc-shaped road sound barrier is particularly good in noise reduction effect;
4, the sound absorbing plate of the road sound barrier not only has good sound absorption and sound insulation effect, but also has excellent weather resistance, durability and service life.
5, You can select a combination of multiple colors and shapes.

Application of road sound barrier: a noise reduction product commonly used for the treatment of various acoustic environmental noise such as a highway, a viaduct, a power station, a hospital, a school, an industrial enterprise construction site and the like. Common dimensions of the road sound barrier:1960 mm,500 mm and 100 mm (long, wide and thick)

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