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Aluminum veneer for car 4s shop

Aluminum veneer for car 4s shop

Diamond pierced Great Wall aluminum plate products:

1, aluminum veneer light weight, good rigidity, high strength.
 2, good flame retardancy, in line with fire requirements.
3, the best weather resistance, self-cleaning and UV resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance.
 4, color optional, rich, visual effect is good, decoration effect is excellent.
 5, recycling, green environmental protection.
6, the construction is fast and the cost is saved.
7, Great Wall aluminum veneer is mainly used for building exterior wall decoration, Car 4 s shop exterior wall decoration and so on.

Product information name: 4s shop curtain wall decoration aluminum plate

 diamond pierced Great Wall aluminum plate characteristics:-with texture appearance effect-fire prevention, sunshade, durable-rich specifications, color available to choose from-unique installation system, fast construction, can be disassembled and assembled rhombic pierced Great Wall aluminum plate application: honeycomb pierced concave and convex aluminum veneer can meet a variety of functional needs, It is widely used in the outer curtain wall of 4 s shop building.

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