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Column aluminum veneer

Column aluminum veneer

The aluminum veneer of the wrapped column has the arc aluminum veneer,
 the square aluminum veneer, the shape of the aluminum veneer depends on the shape of the column, for example, the circular column uses the arc aluminum veneer, and the square column uses the square aluminum veneer. 

The main function of aluminum veneer is the same as that of aluminum veneer. There are two main aspects, one is to protect the building, the other is to play a good decorative effect on the building. Use the aluminum veneer to make the column more metallic.

 In addition to the above two functions, it also has convenient installation and maintenance, can be recycled and utilized, long service life and so on, suitable for all kinds of building columns. 

The aluminum veneer with column is special-shaped aluminum veneer, there are arc and square aluminum veneer, arc aluminum veneer and square aluminum veneer are roughly the same. 

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