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Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer curtain wall

 fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is often used in outdoor and indoor decoration. Outdoor can be used for exterior wall decoration such as column beam, booth, balcony, advertising sign; indoor can be used for interior wall decoration. 

Product specification 
conventional thickness: 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm

aluminum plate surface coating properties in strict accordance with customer requirements, color can be provided by the company to provide standard color cards for customers to choose from. Technological process aluminum veneer is a kind of curtain wall material which adopts aluminum alloy sheet as base material, and then is formed by NC bending and sprayed decorative coating on the surface. Sheet metal process: cutting slot flanging welding board surface treatment process: grinding aluminum board oil removal and decontamination washing alkali washing (defatting) washing pickling / washing multi-layer fluorocarbon spraying process: spray topcoat, topcoat and finish paint and secondary spraying (primer, topcoat). Fluorocarbon paint corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and do not fade, long life. The paint layer is uniform and the color is bright. A variety of types: plate shape, color, seam, etc. Quality assurance, durable. Can be customized according to the size of the processing. Installation and maintenance is simple and flexible, reduce construction and maintenance costs. Aluminum alloy material can be recycled. 
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